The ATOM Scholarship and Awards Committees' main objective is to honor exemplary Certified and Student Athletic Trainers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for their valued service and accomplishments. The committee helps recognize the extraordinary contributions to the profession by ATs. We would also like to encourage athletic training students by offering two scholarships to assist them in their pursuit or their degree. The first annual scholarship was awarded at the state meeting in January 2001 and today we offer a $1,500 scholarship.

iLead Student Scholarship

ATOM believes in supporting the upcoming generation of athletic training leaders by providing a $500 scholarship for a student to attend the NATA iLead conference. For more information on iLead click HERE.  Applications are due October 30th.  Download application HERE.

ATOM College Scholarship

A $1,500 scholarship is available to all students enrolled in a Professional Athletic Training Program at either the Baccalaureate or Master's degree level.   Information is sent to Program Directors and posted on the website in March. Applications are due October 30th. The award is given to a student in their last two years of their Professional preparation program, who is currently an ATOM member. The recipients are notified in the fall and the official presentation of the scholarship is at the EATA annual meeting in January. Click HERE for application.

D1 Charles J. Redmond Scholarship

A $2,500 scholarship is available to all students enrolled in a Professional Athletic Training Program who meet the following criteria.

- The applicant must be a rising junior or senior or enrolled in a professional program at the Master Level.

- The applicant must be enrolled in a n accredited Athletic Training Program leading to certification.

- The applicant must have a grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.

- The applicant must be a current member of NATA and ATOM, Inc.

- The applicant must have an NPI Number.

- It must be the intent of the applicant to pursue the profession of athletic training as a means of livelihood.

The winner will be selected based on a combination of academic achievement, character, and athletic training abilities and activities. The awards and scholarship committee will make a recommendation to the executive board based on these factors. Click HERE for application.

ATOM/Collins Sports Medicine High School Athletic Training Grants

Two $1,000 scholarships are available. Applications are due October 30th. The application consists of a letter explaining their program, needs and ideas of what would be purchased with the money to improve their current situation. This is a joint grant with Collins Sports Medicine. The recipients are notified in December and the official presentation is done at in January at the EATA Annual Meeting. Submit letters to Chrissy Landreth via email

ATOM AT of the Year

Call for nominations is posted on the website and in the newsletter in the summer or early fall. Nominations are due October 30th. Recipients are notified in December. The official presentation of awards plaque is done at the EATA Annual Meeting in January.

The ATOM Brian M. FitzGerald Public Service Award

The ATOM Brian M. FitzGerald Public Service Award recognizes an outstanding individual or group in the athletic training community who has advocated for the profession at the local, state or district level through public relations, promotional media, legislative efforts or government involvement.

Award Eligibility:
Recipients may be Athletic Trainers, state or local public office holders or any individual or group that has publicly advocated, supported and promoted the athletic training profession.

ATOM Service Award

Service awards are given to ATOM Board Members, Committee Members and/or other members in recognition of dedicated service to ATOM and the Athletic Training profession in Massachusetts. The official presentation of the award plaque is done at the EATA Annual Meeting in January.

Koko Kassabian Service Award

This award is given in honor of Kerkor Kassabian, who has since passed away.  His name is synonymous with the field of athletic training in New England. He was elected to the ATOM Hall of Fame for his many accomplishments in that discipline and the contributions he made to the profession through teaching.   Kassabian, the head athletic trainer at Northeastern from 1953 to 1965, was a member of the National Trainer's Association Hall of Fame, and an Associate Professor of Health, Sport and Leisure at the University, where he also directed the athletic training curriculum. A fixture at Northeastern since his undergraduate days in the late 1940's, Kassabian was a guiding force in the general area of Physical Education and a prime force behind the mushroom athletic training field, a tremendously popular one at Northeastern.  Through three

decades of Athletic Training at Northeastern, Kassabian lent his expertise and experience to many different organizations, both public and private. Kassabian was an Athletic Trainer with the old Boston Olympics (1948-1951), Head Athletic Trainer for the Lowell Giants Football team (1967-68), City of Newton Pop Warner (1970-76), and Newton North High School (1970-71). He also was elected to innumerable professional offices: Eastern Athletic Trainers Association, Vice President 1957, President 1958; Athletic Trainers of Massachusetts, President 1978; United Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts, Director, 1974-76; Mass. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Vice President, 1966, President 1972.


This award may be granted to an individual, institution, organization or business who has demonstrated a long standing commitment of serving the physically active population through their association with the Athletic Training Profession.

Minimal Requirements

  • 15 years of service

  • Three letters of support

  • For individual:

Evidence of service to profession on local, state, regional or national level

Evidence of service to patient population

Evidence of long term association with the profession of  Athletic Training

Evidence of prior recognition for service and accomplishments

  • For Institution, Organization or Business

Evidence of contributions made by faculty/staff, membership or employees to advancing the Athletic Training Profession

Evidence of contributions made by graduates (for institutions) to advancing the Athletic Training Profession

Evidence of long time association with the Athletic Training Profession

Nomination Procedure:   Please submit a detailed letter outlining the individuals / organization’s contributions in the areas listed above, and any other information you think is pertinent.  Please include the nominees name, address and place of employment.  Also include your name, email address and a number where you can be reached, in case the committee needs more information.  Please send to Chrissy Landreth via email

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