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ATOM Membership Benefits

Let's Explore This From The Grassroots Perspective


Over the pat 12 years (6 legislative cycles), ATOM has filed legislation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in order to advocate for improvements in the state practice act language, emergency action planning language, regulations within the secondary school setting, consumer choice and third-party billing, among others. During this legislative process, members of the Governmental Affairs Committee will educate policy makers on the profession of athletic training, the ATOM state organization and its constituents. 

Often, during these conversations, legislators will inquire what percentage of ATOM members, represent the number of practicing athletic trainers in the Commonwealth. If the percentage of members does not represent at least half of the practicing population, there is little concern to move the bill further within the legislative process. 

ATOM by the Numbers

Licensed Athletic Trainers in MA
Current ATOM Members

Additional advocacy benefits include:

  • Help provide input and develop state policy agenda items

  • Contribute to "Call to Action" letters for legislators

  • Meet with legislators from your district

  • Attend meetings at the state house and connect with legislators and policymakers

  • Work and advocate with a variety of stakeholders to impact public policy efforts 

PROTECTION: The organization continues to be active legislatively to ensure appropiate healthcare standards and proper protection for the athletic training healthcare discipline in Massachusetts

Staying Connected:

ATOM sends a monthly newsletter to all members to update its constituents on news, valuable resources, upcoming events and involvement opportunities. 

ATOM hosts 2 business meetings annually (during the EATA clinical symposium and in the Spring), as well as several "in service" opportunities for members. These meetings allow members to join, network and engage friends, and colleagues on a consistent basis. 

Social media platforms have allowed the organization to target and interact with our constituents instantly. ATOM regularly posts on social media polls, questions, membership events and meet ups, volunteer opportunities, eblast updates, etc. If you are not following us, our handles are ATofMA. 

Our committees have provided the opportunity for athletic trainers to be a part of an ever-evolving mentorship program. Students, early professionals, seasoned professionals and everyone in between is welcome to join the mentorship programs to enhance your professional growth. 

Professional Growth and Development:

Through the annual ATOM Symposium and membership in-service meetings, the organization provides several opportunities to attain CEUs, and clinical practice updates. 


ATOM members are eligible to submit for grants, scholarships and professional leadership awards. 


ATOM members are eligible to serve in a variety of leadership capacities, through executive council positions, committee chair appointments, or committee members. These leadership positions provide an invaluable opportunity to connect with members, give back to the profession, and develop professional and leadership skills. 

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